ZeroLemon 10000mAh Solar Powered External Battery Charger

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LED flashlight for those venture into the camping darkness which is useful for emergency. Just press the button twice and the LED will light up; 4 LED status of charge indicators indicate the charging and discharging process.
Compact, portable & stylish design; Easily fits into your bag to provide instant power
Content: 10000mAh Battery Pack / Hook / MicroUSB charging cable / Warranty Card
Best bang for buck rain-resistant & shockproof portable solar charger on the planet; Solar energy technology, environmental friendly and could recharge itself under sunshine for emergency purpose when outside; SolarJuice can charge your iPhone about 50% power for emergency after being solar charged for 8 hours under normal sunlight, since it is not easy for 1.2W input Solar panel to fully charge the built-in battery with sunlight, thus, we suggest it for casual use, for long trip,hiking. Water resistant design ensures the device functions smoothly when it's raining; Shock-proof feature ensures the device working properly even it crashes or drops.
Top Grade A cell, built-in 10000mAh Lithium Polymer battery which charges via a powerful 1.2W mono crystalline solar panel; Dual 2A & 1A output allows for simultaneous charging of your devices at high speed ;Anti-explosion, lightweight, compact and reliable, 1000+ recharge cycles over the life of the battery. Please do not place SolarJuice on over-heated place for continuous charging. SolarJuice is with built-in Polymer battery, one of the safest battery in the world, which are not possible to explode even over-heated, but it might swell up.