Mini LED Aluminum Flashlight w/ Lanyard Strap (Gold)

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  • General Use: Compact, light, durable and versatile, this ultra bright mini flashlight can be used in a variety of situations and circumstances. Each flashlight has a tail cap with an easy push button for simple on and off access. The flashlight is a great addition to any Go gamer players playing kit, outdoor use, or hidden in your purse for emergencies.
  • Additional Purposes: Never be without light when you need it most. This pocket size mini LED flashlight can be great to use for automotive repairs where traditional lighting cannot reach or be used. You can attach the flashlight to dog collars when walking the dog, or even attach to your bike for nighttime illumination. This makes a great accessory for children waiting at early morning bus stops. No more fumbling in the dark, the possibilities are endless with this powerful mini LED flashlight.
  • Build: Featuring a compact portable design with a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum body this miniature LED flashlight provides great illumination in the dark. Each flashlight measures (length) 3.5-inches by (diameter) 1-inch and weighs only 1-oz (28g).
  • Warranty: 30-Day Warranty
  • Contents: Mini Flashlight, Strap Holder