Electronic Refillable Butane Micro-Torch

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  • General Use: A multi-purpose butane torch with adjustable flame. It features a compact size, ergonomic grip and stable base for hand-held or bench use.Up to 60 minutes of non-stop burning with a flame temperature of up to 2500 F/1300 C. Standard usage includes soldering copper pipes and small tack welding jobs,material and metal bending,arts and crafts, small electronic repair,jewelry making,and even lighting cigars. Wind resistant in outdoor conditions. Great for lighting up the backyard grill.
  • Product Features: This butane torch provides excellent quality and durability in most conditions. If features up to 2,500 F/1,300 C temperature capability to suit most needs.In addition, it sports an electronic igniter. This product also comes with an easily refillable butane tank and flame adjustment.Hand held and portable,it also features a base plate making it versatile in such area's as work benches. Item also includes a child safety lock feature making household accidents less likely.
  • Durability: This item is made of durable heat resistant metal, with a hard plastic exterior. Heat treated metal tip where the flame is produced is designed to withstand up to 60 minutes of continued use without damage to the outlet tip.