12ft 10ga. Copper Jumper Cables w/ Insulated Rubber Handles

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  • TPR Material
  • GENERAL USAGE: These cables are designed to provide a fast accurate and efficient charge when faced with a dead battery. Their high quality 10 Gauge wire capacity makes it ideal for charging a variety of automotive and tractor batteries.
  • DURABILITY: This item is built to last. Not only does it come constructed with high grade 10 gauge wire, it sports a complimentary copper coated clips with rubber insulation provided excellent connectivity and superior grip for any user. Strong springs ensure they clamp around the terminal safely and effectively providing the best charge possible. In addition to this, comprised of TPR weather resistant material providing protection from oil, chemicals and weathering from extreme temperatures.
  • PRECISION: Bastex Battery Cables are precisely designed in order to give you the most effective connectivity available providing with the optimal charge regardless of conditions.
  • ORGANIZED STORAGE: The included Bastex storage bag not only provides quick easy and clean storage of your booster cables but also provides an easy to use portability aspect as well. Making this an essential to any tool kit weather in your vehicle or garage.
  • SPECIALIZED USES: Travelers, Truckers, RV's, Automobiles, Cars, SUV's, ATV, Service Centers, Professional Garages, Mobile Mechanics, Handymen, Auto Service Centers, Lawnmowers, Tractors, Farm Equipment