4 in 1 Snap Ring Pliers Set

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  • GENERAL USE: This 4 piece specialty pliers set is primarily used in the removal of a variety of special connection clips such as retaining rings, snap rings and circlip removal. These are often most commonly found on lawnmowers, tractors, shredders, farm equipment, automotive, trucks, cars and SUV’s. This tool set is especially useful in brake pad removal and routine maintenance. This set provides a variety which is essential to the large variety of style clips used in most repairs.
  • PRODUCT FEATURES: Bastex Circlip Retainer Snap Ring set come equipped with cushioned insulated vinyl handles which in turn provides for a comfortable non-slip surface grip when in use. In addition to this, Bastex Circlip set comes with 11 pieces in a variety of bends shapes and sizes capable of removing most security clips no matter their location within a project. Remove and Install Clips and Rings with ease.
  • DURABILITY: Bastex High Quality Circlip Pliers set is made from hard durable weather proof and rust resistant alloy steel material. The vinyl insulated non-slip surface also provides for protection and resistance against oil, grease, and basic automotive or mechanical fluids which are often encountered during repairs. The composition and thickness of the metal alloy combined with heat treated tips makes this tool sturdy under most common conditions preventing bending or breakage.
  • CONTENTS: Two 180 degree Straight Ends, One 45 degree Bend, One 90 degree Bend
  • 30 Day Money Back 12 Month Replacement Warrenty