13pc Allen Wrench & Hex Key Set

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  • GENERAL USAGE: Often times many products are assembled with safety fasteners requiring a special hex key removal tool. You can find these particular types of fasteners on anything from automotive repairs to household maintenance and even when encountered with product assemblies. These types of screws and bolt heads are often found on bunk bed, auto repairs, plumbing jobs, small engine repair and even in delicate repairs such as watches and jewelry music boxes.
  • PRECISION: These Bastex Hex Screw Wrench sets are precisely cut down to intricate sizes of 1/20" and carefully crafted with six sided chamfered ends to insert smoothly into fastener head, thus reducing wear on heads while ensuring a secure fit in even the smallest hex head requirements. In addition to this they are made from heat treated chrome vanadium steel, which will provide years of excellent dependable performance meanwhile protecting from common chemical and natural weathering agents.
  • DURABILITY: Heat treated chrome vanadium steel with black-oxide finish making them strong and durable.Precisely-sized ends insert smoothly into fastener head, reducing the amount of wear on the screw head and the tool.The case sports an easy to read size identifier to provide easy identification and fast selection. The long arm wrenches provide an extra reach with a stronger more accurate level of torque. The ball hex end feature provides a 25-degree entry angle for reaching in tight spaces.
  • SIZE RANGE: 13 common sizes ranging from 3/8" down to 1/20"