Small Wood Carving Chisel Set

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  • GENERAL USAGE: Our 12 piece Wood chisel set is the perfect tool to inspire any budding woodworker or beginner to start their own carving projects. It’s diverse enough for general wood, touching up antiques, small models, bowls, wooden animals, clay, soapstone, pumpkin carving and linoleum. Great set for materials of medium hardness. The set includes everything from deep gouge to angled knives allowing you to start and finish any crafting job.
  • QUALITY: The handles are made from high quality hardened wood. The wooden handle base has a wide grip that can help beginners and new wood workers get a firm grasp on the knives. With its wide base and beautiful wooden finish these knives and chisels give the perfect combination of utility and aesthetics.
  • PRECISION: Each chisel and knife has a finely crafted wooden handle with a wide base to give a strong grip and the most precision for your crafting job. With its tempered steel blades you can cut perfectly into your carving or sculptures for an exact chisel every time.
  • SIZE & DIMENSIONS: Each Chisel is 5 and 1/2 inches long with each blade approximately 23mm. Includes deep gouge, medium gouge, shallow gouge, narrow straight chisel, wide straight chisel, rounded chisel, 4 angled knive chisels, parting tool, pinpoint tool
  • WARRANTY: Includes 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year replacement Warranty