Desoldering Pump and Wick Set

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  • GENERAL USAGE: Bastex Solder sucker is a long aluminum plunger that allows you to suck the access melted solder away from the circuit board by creating strong suction to help clean spare solder on the pin away to avoid short circuit, especially in small, hard to reach areas. Best for through-hole connections.
  • PRODUCT FEATURES: Easy to use. Solder sucker features powerful, spring-loaded vacuum plunger for complete solder removal
  • DURABILITY: Excellent thermal transfer for faster, safer desoldering using lower temperature irons
  • CONTENTS: One- solder sucker vacuum One-soldering wick Width 2.5 mm Length 1.5 mm
  • WARRANTY: This product carries a 30-day money back warranty and a 12-month replacement warranty. Satisfaction guaranteed.