40pc Colored Pendant Trays w/ Glass Cabochon Domes

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  • BEAUTY - When you go shopping at a store sometimes you just can’t find the right jewelry. Whether you are looking to match your earrings or your outfit it can be daunting to find the perfect accessories. Stop looking for the perfect accessories and start creating them yourself! Design and create the perfect jewelry set. It includes a whole bunch so don’t worry if you mess up!
  • START TODAY - Have you ever wanted to try jewelry making? They say the best time to start a new hobby was yesterday! If you are looking at this item you are either a pro or looking to jump into a great hobby. Now is the perfect time to start your jewelry creation journey. Get started creating gifts for friends, family or yourself (who are we to judge?). Attach images of family and friends, letters and text or abstract designs. Copy a few ideas from crafty websites and go out on the town in style
  • SO MANY - Each set includes 40 pendant trays and 40 glass cabochon clear domes. For those bad at math that’s 80 pieces of creativity just waiting to be unleashed. Create pieces with cameo, photos, resin and a whole lot more.
  • COLORS – Each set includes 8 different colors. That breaks down to 5 of each color. Included are: White, Golden, Silver, Antique Silver, Antique Copper, Black, Gun Black and Antique Bronze. Actual Items maybe less vibrant in non-lighted settings (you will look good in both circumstances!)
  • *Please keep in mind the bezel is 25mm in diameter and settings are 24mm. That’s roughly 1 inch for us US folk. Images are taken under bright light and may seem duller under low light.