3pc Steel Wood Chisel Set

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  • GENERAL USAGE: The solid feel of these chisels are great for basic and intermediate woodworking jobs. Pull them out of your toolbox when you need to work on any type of wood that requires trimming, shaping or any other type of removal or shaving. They are especially great for trimming down wood, trimming in design projects and construction jobs. Good for around the house jobs both inside and outside when trimming soft surfaces are needed.
  • QUALITY: These chisels are forged of hardened CR-V steel. That means these chisels are going to work and they are going to work well when you throw them against tough jobs. They are rugged and they are incredibly durable. It also guarantees they will last a long time and be ready for any wood chiseling job. Each chisel includes a fully precision ground blade on all sides and faces giving each one razor sharp accuracy.
  • PRECISION: Each chisel is precisely manufactured to have the exact blade width and length. When you go to line up any of these chisels to your materials you are going to get an exact measurement trim or cut with each chisel. Each chisel is also equipped with a hard plastic grip that gives you the proper leverage in your hand to give the proper strike into your materials or use a soft mallet. With all of these things combined you get to have a well-crafted tool to use on all woodworking jobs.
  • SIZES: One of the most important parts of your Chisels is making sure it’s going to do the job you need them to. So, here are the exact specifications for your future chisel woodworking jobs: 1” inch Chisel, ¾” inch Chisel, ½” Inch chisel.
  • WARRANTY: We stand behind every sale and every product carrying our name. If you are not happy send it back with our no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. Every item is also guaranteed to last and comes with a 1 year manufacturer defect warranty if anything breaks during normal use.