1lb. Brass Metal Stamping Hammer

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  • GENERAL USAGE: The Brass 1 pound metal stamping hammer was designed for metal stamping. It has a smaller and scaled down grip designed for easy handling and precision striking. The 1 pound head and grooved grip helps to strike your metal stamps with the exact amount of force every single time. This hammer is great for the beginner and intermediate stamper. Also works great for flattening wire for jewelry making
  • QUALITY: The brass head helps to prolong the life of your metal stamps by reducing wear and tear through each jewelry or customizing job. Sturdy and grooved grip allows for maximum and precise strikes. The head is firmly attached to the handle. Please note that brass hammers may flake when striking however this lengthens the life of the stamp by taking the brunt of the hammer blow.
  • PRECISION: Because of it’s scaled down grip and 1 pound brass head every strike will be more accurate resulting in a much better craft and customization of your jewelry or leather workings. Helps to prevent double impressions and protects the longevity of your stamps. Brass is much better than steel for metal stamping because it disperses the energy of the hit into the stamping blank.
  • SIZE & DIMENSIONS: Hammer head is about 1 pound in weight and grip is about 7 inches in length.
  • WARRANTY: Includes 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year replacement Warranty