10” Locking Vise Grips

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  • GENERAL USAGE: Our Bastex Locking Pliers have endless uses. Locking Jaw pliers are also a staple in nearly any tool box because of their versatility and timeless utility and design. They can be used for numerous trades including welding, wood working, plumbing work and Auto maintenance. They are perfect for the professional and home projects DIYer as well.
  • RELEASE: The pliers are equipped with a guarded fast release lever. When the pliers are fully locked it is effortless to release the grip. Simply push the inside lever towards the thumb screw. The jaws will pop open and they are ready for the next project. The lever is also guarded to minimize frustrations. The release lever is positioned so that the lock will not be released by mistake.
  • DURABILITY: Your tools should be ready to use whenever you need them, this is core principle for Bastex Tools. And so, these pliers are made up of heat treated, high quality alloy steel. Thanks to the material they are composed of, the pliers are solid and heavy duty. They will withstand heavy use daily, and would make a great addition to your tool box.
  • JAWS: The jaws are made with the same high-grade alloy steel, as is the tool itself. The jaws and teeth are also toughened to maximize grip from any angle, and to insure durability over time. The jaws have precise cut outs to make a grip that will not move on any application. When you need maximum torque and a grip to move that stripped bolt these pliers will come through for you.
  • WARRANTY: We stand behind every item that bares our name, so we include a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year replacement Warranty with every set of these pliers. Purchase with peace of mind that it will work, or send it back no questions asked.