IOS 10

Posted by Brandon Herrera on

There is a lot to talk about with Apples newest software update IOS 10. This is one of the biggest redesigns to the software that we have seen in a while. 

We'll go over some of the new features that stood out to us the most

Rise And Wake 

Rise and wake resembles the feature that we have seen with some Android phones. Simply rise your phone to wake it up, a press of the home button will now be the unlock feature.


Interactive Lock Screen Notifications 

There is also a huge change to your lock screen interactions. Notifications will appear within bubbles.With 3D touch you can interact and respond to each notification.

You can easily respond to messages and have a full conversation without ever leaving your lock screen.

Lock Screen Camera And Widgets 

Sliding the lock screen right will now allow you to quickly access your camera, rather than reaching to the bottom right corner to flick open the camera app. This change should make for a quicker response when pulling your camera out to take photos.

Sliding your lock screen to the left will open Apples Today menu "widgets." Though not as customization as Android devices, this does allow you to receive data from apps more efficiently and hopefully will be a step to even more customization of widgets.


With iOS 10 messaging app there has been a lot of added features. 

You can now use emoji's that are three times larger than before. The keyboard can also identify words that you can replace with emoji that is enabled by a tap of the word. 


In addition you are able to hand write a message and add stickers or responses to each messages. You can also open your camera, and even edit photos all without leaving the messaging app.

Apple Music 

Apple music has also gotten a redesign. Texts and cover art are much bolder and stand out more. Which makes for a cleaner design highlighting cover art and suggesting music that you'll like in a more logical fashion. Lyrics are also made visible for each track.



Maybe you never really care to check your voicemail's, maybe you miss an important message that a friend sent via voicemail.

The updated voicemail for IOS 10 now allows you to view your voicemail messages in convenient text. I must note that it is also rumored that your iPhone will notify you if an upcoming call might be spam.



Apple new photo apple will use something they call "advanced computer vision." The photo app will now have the ability to create albums based on face recognition, and can do the same for object and scene recognition thanks to 11 billion computations. 

IOS 10 will also introduce a new feature called Memories. Which will remind you of events in life by grouping trips, people, topics and experiences into one related folder.

In addition, IOS 10 will also let you assemble your captured pictures and videos for a particular memory with a special movie that's edited automatically. It is also customization with a number of mood changes and three length options.  


IOS 10 will be available on for update on the following devices.

Over all I have to say this is an exciting launch for Apple, with a bunch of new features and redesigns to make for a smoother interface. I cannot wait to start using the update.