New Gadgets Of 2016

Posted by Brandon Herrera on

As the 21st century continues, everyday there is a new innovation that is created to better assist our every day lives. From keeping up with your pet when you're away to analyzing the contents in our foods, here are some gadgets that will change the way we live our daily life.






This year there has been a rise of portable electric scooters for urban riders to get around efficiently. The URB-E Is a small and compact scooter that can be folded up and easily stored. 


The  PetBot



The advancement of technology is not falling short when it comes to pet tech. With gadgets, like the PetBot, allows you to connect your pet when you're not home as well as the ability to feed your pet when away. You can also receive selfies and call your pet with live video feed to give the good boy a treat.


The DietSensor Food Scanner 

Keeping up with your phone is an important part of your every day life. This is especially important for individuals with diabetes and other health conditions. The technology behind the Diet Sensor uses a tool called "near inferred spectroscopy" to determine the chemical makeup of your food and drink. Each type of food molecule vibrates in its own unique way. Spectrometers canalize what is in a substance based on how its molecules interact with light.

In addition, the Diet Sensor acts as a calorie count and takes percentage of carbohydrates, fats and protein in your food 


 The Thermo


The Thermo is a digital thermometer that is able to accurately tell your temperature in the matter of 2 seconds. It quickly relays your body temperature to a mobile app that can analyze and include relevant information such as suggested medication and/or symptoms. This device is a much efficient and sanitary choice to checking your temperature. 


The GoSun Stove 

The GoSun Stove is a solar powered grill that will allow you to steam, bake, fry and boil your meal in a matter of 20 minutes.This cylinder glass tube acts as a great cooking source whether you're camping, having a cookout or just for every day use.

Just imagine being stranded with one of these. Place a rabbit or fish to cook your dinner in just 20 minutes, all powered by the sun. 



The Iceorb is a levitating bluetooth speaker with a base that doubles as a charging doc, using a USB connection for charge. It is also portable with the ability to remove the orb for use. This speaker is more aesthetic but will look pretty awesome floating next to you on your desk.